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Types of Wedding Themes

There’s no better way to inject some personality into your big day than to set a wedding theme that truly captures who you are. Besides elevating your wedding in terms of design and decoration, a defined aesthetic can also help couples make important wedding planning decisions including the dress code for your guests, the wedding cake and food you plan to serve, and so much more.

If you’re looking for wedding inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! There are plenty of unique wedding reception themes for you and your partner to choose from and we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ideas:

1. Classic Wedding

A classic wedding is timeless, elegant, and one of the most popular themes among brides and grooms for a good reason. To pull this off, you should incorporate a soft and delicate colour palette into your wedding and go for floral decor with bouquets made of romantic blooms such as roses and peonies. Avoid trendy wedding dresses and stick to something evergreen, but feel free to play around with timeless silhouettes and textures.

A married couple is walking towards the camera while looking at each other. The bride is holding a bouquet of flower. All the groomsmen and bridesmaid were standing at the back and looking at the couple.

Rustic White Photography

2. Bohemian Wedding

Over the years, the bohemian aesthetic has taken the wedding world by storm and it’s becoming increasingly popular among couples who want an alternative to the classic wedding. For this theme, think bright wildflowers and pampas grass as well as rustic wooden elements. Macrame has also become an integral part of the bohemian wedding theme and you can choose to incorporate it into your wedding arch or on guest tables. In terms of outfits, the bride and groom can opt for something more relaxed with an airy dress and a casual suit.

A married couple in a bohemian style wedding theme. The bride and groom are dressed in bohemian style posing for a photo with the rustic backdrop at the background.

Boho Weddings

3. Fairytale Wedding

Many women see their wedding day as their fairytale moment, the beginning of their happily ever after. A fairytale wedding has its own charm and wonder. Take inspiration from your favourite fairytales, be it Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, or even Snow White and imagine your personalised version of a storybook wedding. Your wedding gown should represent you and allow your inner glowing bride to emerge so grab the chance to go all out with a poofy ball gown if you’d like.

A fairytale wedding theme. A married couple is kissing inside the transparent Cinderella themed carriage while a driver is driving the carriage. The driver is dressed up in 1800s fashion.


4. Traditional Wedding

A traditional wedding is different from other wedding themes as it upholds the bride and groom’s heritage. Different communities will convey this theme differently, each with their own unique customs and practices. This is your chance to embrace your roots with traditional clothing and cultural decor.

If you’re wondering where to hold a wedding that comes with a room for a Chinese tea ceremony, Hilton Petaling Jaya’s wedding packages comes with a Tea Ceremony.

A married couple (Jane Chuck and Han Pin Ma) is dressed in traditional chinese wedding attire with an umbrella behind them smiling and walking towards the camera. The groomsmen and bridesmaid were dressed in traditional Chinese attire as well standing at the side looking at the couple.

Buro Malaysia

5. Beach Wedding

Where is the best place to do a beach wedding or lakeside wedding at a hotel? If you’re dreaming of getting married barefoot with your toes in the sand, then a beach wedding is for you! The crash of the waves and wind in the air makes for a romantic setting for you to exchange vows in front of your loved ones. In terms of decor and dress code, you might want to mimic the tropical tones of your surroundings with shades like aquamarine blue, turquoise, and terracotta.

A married couple looking at each other while walking towards the camera. The bride is holding onto her dress and the groom is holding a bouquet of flower. It is a beach wedding with a circle arch decorated with flowers and leaves.

The Budgetarian Bride


No matter the theme, your dream wedding can become a reality with us. Check out our wedding packages and our many venues across Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.

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